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Cebu Accommodation is a quick, independent reference to help assist you make informed decisions when seeking hotels in Cebu.

Which hotel? How old is it? Do they charge for internet? How big are the rooms? Is the picture accurate? etc.

With all the paid-advertising on the web, we felt that there was a glaring need to provide a one-stop-shop summary of Cebu’s accommodation options. Thus avoiding the time wasting necessary to sift through myriads of search engines results and travel sites that sell at different prices and usually only list a fraction of what’s available.
Most of the internet sites offering accommodation, are hosted outside of the country and with second-hand information, or information provided by hotel marketing staff. Clearly there is a void of accurate independent information which is required to make educated decisions. Important information such as: rooms sizes/ conditions, costs of extras, size of the resort/ hotel, age, value for money etc. This information is key and is almost always left out of marketing speak. Think about it: Would you rent a house if you knew the price but didn’t know how big it was? Well, this is the way the hotel industry sells rooms.

How did we establish and collate the information?

In order to bring you an honest and accurate reference on each hotel, Cebu Accommodation representatives paid for their own stays in all of the 3, 4 and 5 star rated accommodation. We did not announce where we were from. In most cases we booked the stays over the internet. Our rates were sourced by contacting the management of the individual hotels and cross checking with best available on the internet. In order to keep our site ahead of the curve, we will continually monitor room rates and the status of each hotel’s rooms, and extra rates. We will be adding more hotel’s to the site once they have been surveyed. This is an on-going and time consuming process. Our mission is to help you to make informed decisions.

Cebuaccommodation.com Format

You will note that format adopted by Cebu Accommodation: a detailed summary page, broken into the traditional star rating categories (which by-the-way is not recognized in the Philippines). We named the general area of the establishment – eg. Mactan, Cebu City, Moalboal etc. – we included the rate range for standard rooms – right up to the hotels largest room or suite. All rates are published in US Dollars. There is even our own Value For Money rating out of 10, and a BOLD nomination for the best-value-for-money. Once you click on your selected hotel, you will be taken to another page which will include a photo (where possible) and a brief description of the hotel, room sizes/ condition, resort size (if applicable), internet rates/availability and other information we hope you find helpful.
In the case of the 1 and 2 star establishments, we have visited their premises and inspected the various rooms. If they didn’t have a website – unless they were outstanding – we didn’t include them on the site. We beleive that in this day and age, it is important for you to see their policies and other relevant hotel information.

We trust that you find this resource helpful and if you like the site please help spread the word. If you don’t like it or have a suggestion for us to improve the site, or would like to suggest a hotel please do drop a line: editor@cebuaccommodation.comThis email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it


Cebuaccommodation.com do not accept any reservations or bookings, and we don’t accept commissions from establishments. To book your hotel room, either use the information provided by this directory to contact the hotels in Cebu directly.

Listings & Advertising

If you represent a hotel in Cebu and wish to have it reviewed, please send us an E-mail under the ‘contact us’ section. If you’re an advertiser that wishes to advertise on the site, please complete the form under the ‘Advertising’ section. Thank you and we hope our sites saves you time in identifying value-for-money accommodation.


Please note: The views expressed on this site are the opinions of Cebu Accommodation and its representatives. Whilst a lot of effort goes into making sure the accuracy of the information provided is correct, Cebu Accommodation or any of its representatives, will not be liable for any omissions, errors, and pricing fluctuations. Cebu Accommodation, advise you to use this site for information purposes only. Once you decide on accommodation, contact the hotel or serviced apartments directly. Make your final decision based on the final informat