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Richards Bay The Boundless Playground Of Opportunities

1 February 2011 Uncategorized No Comment

If you are looking for a great destination for bird watching or just living. I think you have found it. I think Richards Bay is a great place to start your dream.

I feel that being close to beaches gives you easy admittance to open tranquil space so that recharging is always close.

I know that Richards Bay also has a great sporting community. I play underwater hockey and they have a team. If they have a team for underwater hock they will have a team for whatever sport you play.

If on holiday:, accommodation is accessible in multiple different forms. Now I don’t know about you but so long is there is a bed, I am happy. For the rest of you there are hotels, self-catering, B&B’s and the list goes on.
Now for those unfortunate people that come to Richards Bay for a day or two and have work. Remember the surfboard because the sun in summer goes down late. This gives you time after work to relax.

If ever there was a rainbow of cultures in one city, this is it. All cultures live in this country style city as though it was a small rural town. These cultures are displayed in different ways throughout all lodging:.

Now what I like is the wildlife that live in and Richards Bay. Hippos can be seen in the harbor when the time is right. There are also humpback dolphins that can be seen in the sea and harbor.

The next important item would be nourishment. There are eating places allover.

The views in the harbor while eating are as great as the meals.
This doesn’t mean the accommodation can’t provide you with the same excellent food and sights. A new hotel on the water’s edge is a great place to chill in the evenings.

The weather can be hot, so think about accommodation with air conditioning especially during summer.

For those that want to spend money there is the shopping mall. They also have a movie house and fast food shops. Just walking the mall can give you enough cardio to want to get to the beach.

Excursions to game parks can be done in a day. The parks are between 1 and 2 hours away by car. The journey to the park, can be as thrilling as the park its self. The “Big Five” can be seen in most parks in the area.

All in all this is a brilliantspot to visit or live.
I have watched Richards Bay mature into a great for anybody to enjoy. This covers from young to old.

Why don’t you come see for yourself, you won’t regret it.

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