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Staycation Holiday

5 February 2011 Uncategorized No Comment

Staycations “ holiday at home” are a current favourite holiday that spread around England.

One of the reason is because of the financial difficulties that England experiences these couple of years. The financial difficulties lead to stresses spread as more pressure is put at work and staff working overtime,pay cut, or work more as the result of many redundancies happening in companies. More pressure and stress cause the staff to not be able to maximise their work and also lead to lower team work as staff is competing with their co-worker to secure their position in company.

This is one of the issue that company in England is currently facing which lead to their choice to held company meeting, gathering and company vacation in the seaside holiday resort,hotel or hotels in England. In this way, companies hope to gain staff’s self esteem and their confidence back with minimum cost.England seaside has a lot to offer.

Many of seaside resort sees the rapid growing demand on seaside holiday and the seaside resort has designed many interesting activities and fun things to do so that there will be no boredom for their guest during their visit and also to make companies to return again to the seaside for events. Imagine meeting during the morning and fun things on the afternoon or evening.

Not only seaside holiday attracts many companies, it has also received a massive interest for the British as well. Many locals searching for alternative places other than travelling overseas for their holiday, and staycation is a good choice as not only to save cost and but also to have holiday fun. In staycation, there will be no hassle that is often related with holiday stress such as baggage overweight, plane delay, plan on where to go and what to do and also it will save your holiday cost too. It will also make holiday planning easier as there are a lot of activities that is provided and offered by the seaside.

In staycation, there is not a lot of cost is spent. It might be only transportation cost, dining, and local attractions. And if one decide to stay overnight, it will only cost a bit more.Search for cheap hotel

The most popular staycation location in England is in Blackpool. Report from University’s ventre for regional economic and social research said that thousands of jobs is offered at the Blackpool seaside; more than telecommunication, aerospace, pharmaceutical, steel and even motor industries. In fact Blackpool has offered the biggest single concentration of seaside job in both Wales and England.The growing in staycation benefit local businesses as well.

To encounter the boosting of seaside tourism and staycation, interesting activities and events such as festivals, interesting fireworks, heritage tour, world class sport events, art exhibitions. And as it is seaside, a lot of sea sport is also offered.

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